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Start promoting your business with us now

Take the opportunity, join the portal, add your company profile in the list and promote your business with us. Complete your profile, add all important information and navigate people straight into your business.

You can also print out the paper order form here and fax it back to us.

To see the current packages we offer scroll down. 

How to Join Our Directory in just a few steps:

  1. Fill in you email, username and choose your package,
  2. Click on Sign Up (Buy with Paypal),
  3. Pay for package on Paypal,
  4. Check your email for login info,
  5. Log in and add your ITEMs into to the Directory Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't like the idea of paying online or I don't use Paypal. Is there a way I can still add my business?

Yes! We have a form you can print out and fax to us so we can set up your account. Click here to go to the form.

Can any business get listed in this directory?

No. Only businesses that either are physically located in the 561 area OR businesses that conduct business in the area. This includes many many industries and categories. If this applies to your business, we urge you to join!

Will you sell my information if I join ?

NO. Your personal information will not be shared with anyone. However, this is a public site with the public business information posted for everyone to see.

Why should I add my business to your directory, I'm already in Google ?

Google sorts through billions of listings. Would you prefer to be found in that pool or a much smaller, local pool? Also, the cost to advertise on Google is tremendous. We offer an affordable alternative to going that route.